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Infiltration Cooperative - How to Setup

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PostPosted: 2008-01-21 23:25:36    Post subject: Infiltration Cooperative - How to Setup Reply with quote


Infiltration Cooperative - How to Setup

Current Map Packs

Server #1 - (launched 26th Apr 2006) - ONLINE
- Unreal
- Return To NaPali (Add-on) - 22nd May 2006

Server #2 - (launched 9th Aug 2006) - ONLINE
- Redeem Your Space (70MB - Unreal - votestart: 01Escape) - 9th Aug 2006

- Déjà Vu (61.7MB - UT - votestart: USP-01-Hellscrag) - 30th Nov 2006

- Xidia Gold Final (requires installation of UT Bonus Pack 4) (107MB - UT - votestart: XidiaGold-Map2-Landing) - 9th Apr 2007

- Illhaven Coop (8,7MB - Unreal - votestart: Illhaven_1) - 13th Apr 2007

- Iphigenia (4.3MB - Unreal - votestart: Iphigenia1) - 13th Apr 2007

- Peril on Mars (8,6MB - UT - votestart: pml1) - 26th Apr 2007

- Tashara's Cove (4,9MB - Unreal - votestart: Tashara1) - 26th Apr 2007

- Tower of Shrakith'a (6,4MB - Unreal - votestart: Shrak1) - 26th Apr 2007

- The Odyssey (46.5MB - UT - votestart: TheOdyssey-Map01-Storm) - 26th Apr 2007

- Valley of Alshar (3.3MB - Unreal - votestart: Alshar1) - 4th Aug 2007

- Na Pali Odyssey - Episode One: Sky Escape (1.8 MB - Unreal - votestart: SkyLvl1) - 4th Aug 2007

- Skaarj Tower - Shadow and Fire (15,7MB - Unreal - votestart: SkaarjCastle_V2F) - 3th Sep 2007

- Shamu Quest 1 (15.2MB - Unreal - votestart: svalley2) - 3th Sep 2007

- Shamu Quest 2 (7,2MB - Unreal - votestart: sbeginunreal) - 3th Sep 2007

- The Sky Shard (2,8MB - Unreal - votestart: temple1) - 3th Sep 2007

- Skaarj Tower - The Fall of Seethe (13,2MB - UT - votestart: ST-NrgatothBase) - 12th Sep 2007

- 7 Bullets (Patch) (~ 135 MB - UT - votestart: Jones-01-Deployment) - 28th Sep 2007

- Project Zephon (110.19 MB - UT - votestart: zp01-umssakuracrashsite) - 23rd Oct 2007

- WhirlPack Vol.1 (8.12 MB - U/UT - votestart: WhirlMap) - 23rd Oct 2007

- Stargate (41.3 MB - Unreal - votestart: Issg1) - 16th May 2007

- Attacked (10.5 MB - Unreal - votestart: Attacked_1) - 25th May 2007

- NewAlcatraz (3.4 MB - Unreal - votestart: NewAlc1) - 25th May 2007

- Tarmation (2.7 MB - Unreal - votestart: Tarmation) - 25th May 2007

- Tarmation2 (3.1 MB - Unreal - votestart: Tarmation2) - 25th May 2007

All map packs as above, including the fixed versions of 7Bullets and Nali Chronicles and all normal Infiltration game modes.

• XploD Server #1 is the TDM/DTAS/EAS server.
• XploD Server #2 is the COOP server.


How to setup

• INF Co-Op server Infopage (

Step 1
• Install "Unreal" and the "Return To NaPali" Add-on.
• If you are the owner of "Unreal Gold", just install "Unreal Gold".

Step 2
• Run the latest Unreal Patch and the latest Return To NaPali Patch and replace the existing UPak.u (in Napali/Maps/UPak) with this one.
• If you are the owner of Unreal Gold run the latest Unreal Gold Patch and replace the existing UPak.u (in Unreal/Maps/UPak) with this one.

Step 3
• Open Infiltration.ini, copy into it (in the [Core.System] part):


• Unreal Gold users only need these paths:

Step 4
• Add the "INF Co-op files" into the UT/System directory:
Download the attached file, or search in the INF Co-op Info page.
You can also just in-game download them, which is good for the case Stinkmarder will update the files, but for offline games you need them.
• Note: The file stmutils.u is outdated, remove it to play online, keep it to play offline.

• Download the "Colored smoke" grenades (adds the M18 green, yellow and violet) - 13th May 2007
For offline play select the "INF Colored Smoke" mutator in the mutator menu.

• Expect further smaller files to be downloaded from the server at the first start.

Step 5
• Servers are:
INF Coop #1 (Unreal + RTNP) w/ PsyTex-1.0 []

INF Coop #2 (custom maps, fast d/l) w/ PsyTex-1.0 []

-= XploD =-  PsyTex DTAS Server\\7778
-= XploD 2 =-  PsyTex InfCoop Server\\8889

• If you want to have them in your "favorites browser" add these lines into the [INF_Browser.INF_BrowserFavoritesFact] part in the Infiltration.ini:
Favorites[0]=INF Coop #1 (Unreal + RTNP) w/ PsyTex-1.0 []\\17778\False
Favorites[1]=INF Coop #2 (custom maps, fast d/l) w/ PsyTex-1.0 []\\27778\False

Favorites[2]=-= XploD =- TDM Server with PsyTex 1.2 camos\\7778\False
Favorites[3]=-= XploD2 =- Coop Server with PsyTex 1.2 camos\\8889\False

Stinkmarders Cerberon servers are indefinitely offline. The XploD servers are online.

Step 6
If you download custom maps and mappacks, install the maps in the appropriate mapfolder:
• Unreal mappacks to "Unreal/Maps"
• Unreal Tournament mappacks to "UnrealTournament/Maps"

• You can install mappacks into separate directories for each mappack if you wish:

• The Path lines to add in the Infiltration.ini for Unreal:

for Unreal Tournament:

Note that the MicroBulk mutator is running there, you can add more grenades and a secondary weapon to your loadout. Since this game is not a "few minutes" game you are out for a quite time in co-op, so supply yourself with enough ammunition.

TeamSpeak [FOOL]
A TeamSpeak channel is available:

• IP:

TeamSpeak (version can be downloaded here.


Stinkmarder added a custom bulk mutator; weapon weight counts as bulk, but not ammunition, which disallows carrying to many weapons.

The servers run the "PSYTEX 1.2 Full" mod, camos and faces.


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